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Winner - Best Overall Innovation

MRead was awarded Best Overall Innovation at the Indo Pacific 2023 Innovation Pitchfest for our next-gen explosive detection technology. The Pitchfest saw twenty 3-minute pitches delivered to an over capacity audience, demonstrating the future of Australian innovation, R&D and collaboration in the defence industry.

November 24, 2023

Paul Johnson MBE (AMDA director) presenting the award to Henry Hamilton (MRead COO)

Henry Hamilton presented on behalf of MRead, touching on the context of the problem that MRead is addressing, and introducing the CSIRO's breakthrough in magnetic resonance sensing. The panel of esteemed judges had a difficult task to pick winners in three categories; Best Presenter, Best Maritime Innovation and Best Overall Innovation. Congratulations to Rebakah Manley from OneTide Modular for winning Best Maritime Innovation and to Katie Donaldson from Praxis Labs for winning Best Presenter.

The Innovation PitchFest was organised by Craig Butler from the Defence Science Institute (DSI) with AMDA Foundation Limited and DSI's ADSUN partners in SA (Defence Innovation Partnership), WA (Defence Science Centre), NSW (Defence Innovation Network) & QLD (Queensland Defence Science Alliance).

Thank you to the Craig Butler and DSI for organising the event and the judges who had a difficult task for selecting the winners;

- Dr Melissa Laws, Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG)

- Major General Retd Fergus McLachlan AO FRSN, Non-executive director and advisor

- Mr Geoff Thomas, Axant Corporate Advisory

- Mr Kevin Hernan, ARM Hub (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing)

- CMDR Peter Teichmann, Royal Australian Navy

It is pleasing to see our technology be recognised by industry and it gives us confidence we are on the right track.